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today I am struggling …

Today I am struggling. I am tired and dirty. I need to get my hair done and my eyebrows sorted out. I feel nothing like me!
I am surrounded by mess and chaos and mountains of work to be done and I feel totally overwhelmed. I feel like it’s never going to end….
But it is. And it will be worth every bit of effort. Tomorrow will feel better I’m sure 😉



kitchen day …

This week we have got cracking with the tiling and it is looking amazing. We got the grouting done in the kitchen, laundry & living room all ready for the kitchen delivery.

IMG_7909 It’s been a massive job and I think we will still have a few days left to finish the floors. By the end of the day on Friday both Richo & I were happy to finish because it felt like we had been tiling for weeks not days!! The kitchen was delivered this week and Steve spent the day yesterday putting it together.


IMG_7942 While he did that, mum and I got into the painting! It’s amazing what a difference a couple of coats of paint make. Looks beautiful!


IMG_7940 We will get a little more done today but not planning a big day. I feel like I have a cold or something coming on and I really need to do some housework here at the #mentalrental. Never enough hours in the day 😉


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let’s talk tiles…

The floor tiling is well underway at #theshed!

It can be a bit of a challenge deciding on what finishes and products you want to use particularly when there is so much to choose from AND if you are anything like me – you like it all!!! I always thought we would have beautiful timber floors but we decided that for the downstairs we would choose tiles. We live just down the road from the beach and I don’t want to be obsessing over sand scratching the floor which is a possibility with timber – so the simple solution for us was to use a very easy care floor and you can’t beat tiles for that!
We have chosen a large format tile that looks like concrete. I purchased them before we even started and the lovely people at Beaumont tiles in Mentone were very happy to hang on to them for me until we needed them. There were 5 big pallets so that was very helpful!

They lay quickly because they are so big! Also Richo uses this system which makes it super easy! Tomorrow I will have a go myself and I also want to get the grouting done asap as the kitchen is being delivered on Friday!!!


Thanks for visiting 😉

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Busy weekend at #theshed and a busy week ahead… I will try and post a little more often now that the changes that occur are a little more obvious but that will mean using good old iPhone pics rather than the real thing ;)

Last week all the tile underlay was put down and nailed with the gun but to be sure we had all the nails flush, we have had to check each one and then bang it in. Not a very pleasant job! Anyway it’s done now thanks to Richo & Steve. I did a little area but just not as effective as the fellas! We have chosen to use tiles downstairs as we are close to the beach and it will make dealing with sandy feet easy with little to no damage to the flooring.
We also got a heap of painting done so almost all of downstairs has had its prep coat!

Today Steve was on site early to let the gas company have access to get us hooked up which is a big relief because it initially looked like that might hold us up a bit.


Our goal this week is to get the tiling down – at least as much as we can so that we can get the kitchen cabinets built!!

It’s really moving quickly now with changes all the time!


16 weeks

Finding time to blog some pictures has been a bit tricky as we have been very very busy as you will see. We have a few things to finish off and then we will be starting the floors downstairs. Its really coming together now and has a great feel to it.

Photo credit to Steve 

SJA_1365 SJA_1423


SJA_1370 SJA_1376

SJA_1430 SJA_1418

SJA_1395 SJA_1392

SJA_1381 SJA_1389




almost at lock up

Things have moved along quite quickly I am very happy to say.

We have some of the plumbing in and water to the block. Our chippy and his team have done an amazing job on the house frame, putting in the windows and some doors etc and some of the outside cladding. Weatherboards have all had a paint job and now just need a touch up and the roof is on.

The rest of the cladding will be done after Christmas now and in the meantime I am going to get stuck into doing as much of the outside painting as I can. I still think I will need to get a painter in to do the higher areas which is a bit of a bummer!

Early January we will have the wiring done, insulation, and make a start on getting the plaster sheets up….

So I am very pleased to be able to show you our progress so far…. Its all looking pretty amazing I reckon.

*photo credit to Steve*



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frame complete

Can you even believe it that the frame is done!!?? They were so quick and today when I called past they had even cleaned up. Everything is absolutely spotless and I am so impressed.

Tomorrow is the frame inspection and I will be busy painting weatherboards with my mum (yep putting her to work!) ready to go up next week. I also need to get up the ladder and get the nail holes filled and a couple of coats of paint on the facia boards at least the ones I can reach. I think the facia on the second story will have to be done by a painter with a cherry picker or something. Anyway we will see when the time comes.

Photo 1-12-2014 6 26 12 pmSorry about the crooked iPhone picture but I wanted to post asap. I swear it looks better every time I go round there and look at it. Paint colours have been selected and are below…. Very simple palette and of course lots of white <3 Can’t wait to get started tomorrow. I only have a few days to get everything done so fingers crossed that the weather will be kind to me!Photo 28-11-2014 4 46 59 pm



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