Clare Kinsey

making the bed head


I recently decided that our bedroom needed a makeover and after months of looking around for just the right furniture (that we could afford) I gave up looking and decided to make the furniture myself! I wanted the room to have a real beachy rustic feel to it and so decided that I would make our bedhead out of old fence palings. A lovely friend had some old palings lying around that she was happy to get rid of so we collected them and they were just perfect for the job.


They needed a good clean to get rid of years of dirt, mould, and other beasties that called them home. Once cleaned they really looked amazing. Here is a picture of them all lined up to dry after I washed them.


Once they were dry I started sanding them to make sure there were no splinters or bits sticking out that would catch on bedlinen etc. They really started to look good at this stage!! Next job was to give them a bit of a drink to try and restore the timber a little bit so I used a wood restoring wax and then finished them with a bees wax polish.


I really had no idea what I was doing when it came to the construction of the bed head but figured that it really didn’t matter as I wanted it to look old and not perfect anyway. I nailed the palings to a couple of cross beams and there you have it, all ready to be put up on the wall.


So that’s the bed done!! Next is the bedside tables which I will post about later when I have more time.


4 thoughts on “making the bed head

  1. Very good as always you excell in what you do.

  2. Thanks Lisa!! Plenty more to come…..

  3. Well done.
    I want to give this ago for my sons room but with timber from a pallet.

    Pen x

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