Clare Kinsey

bedside tables


Next step in the bedroom makeover is to acquire a couple of bedside tables. Easier said than done!! Having a look around there was plenty I saw that I loved, the only problem being the price!! Did I happen to mention that my budget was tight?? Has anyone recently had a look into the price of bedside tables…..very pricey, at least everything I liked was!! Upwards of $350 and that was just for one, not a pair!

Not to be discouraged, I found a couple of little bedside cupboards in an auction room in Richmond. This auction room was one of those ones that is full to over flowing of stuff and if you look really hard you can find some real treasures at seriously good prices. The bedside tables that I found were not one of those treasures, however they were a good price and I knew that I could make them fit with the over all look I was trying to acheive and so here they are……..


Let the makeover begin! I gave them a bit of a once over with some fine sandpaper and then splodged a couple of colors on them in some strategic spots, the idea being to make it look like they had many layers of old paint on them. (the whole aged thing you know). The colors I used were a couple of shades of blue/green that I found in the shed from a previous project. I put them on at the end of the day and just left them to dry. What I found funny is the odd looks I got from “the family” wondering what on earth I was doing with one brave soul saying “what did you put the paint on them for, you should have just left them brown”! I think not!!!

Next day I put some crackle medium over the cabinets. Thicker in some places than others. I wasnt sure if it would work because this particular product has sat in my shed for at least 10 years but it did, so I can highly recommend “jo sonya”!

Once the crackle medium had dried I put 2 coats of whte paint over the top. I’m not particularly fussy with my selection of white paint, and in fact I will confess that I just used prep coat (again found in the shed). Once that had dried, the real fun began. Sanding, sanding, sanding!! A litle here and a lot there to get just the right look I was after.

Followed that up with a good polish with some wax and the job was done. I am really happy with how they have come up. If you also notice I changed the door on one of them so it opened in the other direction.



Let me know what you think by leaving some coments below. Next job is another little project using some of the left over palings from the bedhead……..



5 thoughts on “bedside tables

  1. As always you have done a great job.

  2. they look awesome Clare! i did a similar thing a few years back..lots of fun ;))

  3. Oh wow I liked them before but love what you did to them well done 👍

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