Clare Kinsey

bedroom makeover


The bedroom makeover is complete! Still need to add a few knick knacks but for the most part it is done and I am just incredibly bad at keeping quiet about things so…….. time to share!!!

The pics below are of the walk in robe which is on both sides but you can only see one side here. You can also see the beautiful arch which we got rid of, and you might see little old me sitting on the bed opposite the robe area in the mirror reflection. I can’t believe how revolting it all looks now!!!





Moving right along…… The following shows the view from the walk in to the bedroom during painting and also after the new carpet was put down.



Rather than having built in wardrobes put in which would be expensive, we built our own with units from Ikea. Lovely glossy doors and full length mirror on both sides so you can see if your bum looks big!! The door you can see is to the en-suite……saving that for another blog!


Here is a pic of the old bedroom set up after painting and carpet was done.


And now for the new made over bedroom!!!! I really wanted a relaxed, clean, beachy feel to the room. We had a tight budget as you might remember from previous posts, so I made the bed head out of old fence palings and the bedside tables were el cheapo ones that I fixed up to look old! Very pleased with the result!! We moved the bed from under the window to along the wall. So much better this way. No idea why we didn’t do this before.


The lamps are from Ikea as is the shelf. Do you get the feeling I like Ikea? Hmmmmm!!! Bed linen is from Ikea and the cushions are from the Temple & Webster site. Over the next few weeks I will add bits & bobs to really finish off the room.

The hooks I made with a left over fence paling. Finishes it all off nicely as well as being very practical!!


So what do you think? Post a comment and let me know!


11 thoughts on “bedroom makeover

  1. Unreal! You have done a fantastic job.
    Very nice….
    Love the bed head
    And your linen is gorgeous
    Off to Ikea I go

    Pen x

  2. Beautiful & Restful, Love the little Kombie on the shelf. Looking forward to the rest.

  3. I love it all Clare – it has that lovely, relaxing, beachy feel to it and I’m very impressed with how ingenious you’ve been with creating the bed head and hanging rack. It’s fabulous what you’ve achieved in giving the bedside tables a new lease of life!!! I’ve also found Ikea a good place to shop along with Auction rooms (in my case, Young’s in Camberwell) when undertaking interior decorating!!! I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us next!!! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Wow it looks amazing, very sleek and chic xxx

  5. Amazing job Clare, your pictures look like they are straight out of a magazine! Love the bedhead and matching hooks, and also the bedside table. You are so creative, well done xo

  6. Beautiful! Simple and fresh! Great idea for the bead head!

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