Clare Kinsey

on the market



My house addiction continues! I spend a lot of time on the internet on real estate sites checking out properties for sale. I dream of owning them all and what I would do to them if I did own them. It’s also a great way to get ideas to use at a later date!!

My dream is to live on the Mornington Peninsula one day. Wouldn’t mind having a look at this house on the weekend except I have to work!!! Click the link here to check it out for yourself.

My favourite bits…… Hmmmm, love the land! Love the entry and the mudbrick, love the bright and airy living room. If I had this house I would build a big open shelter shed in the back yard with a BBQ built in and a big long dining table. Perfect for family and friends dining outside in the summer months AND there is enough room for a big sleep over!


I’ll keep dreaming…………


4 thoughts on “on the market

  1. Well done Clare… Good read!!!

  2. Clare, I hope your dreams all come true!!! You and Steve have a real flare , Well done!

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