Clare Kinsey

out we go….


With the weather improving (ever so slightly), tools have been put down inside for awhile and we have started on the outside. Such a massive job, where to begin!!!!?

Well for starters the garden is completely overgrown with weeds and renovation junk which all needs to be cleared and the weatherboards on this side of the house need some serious attention. The decision was made that rather than sanding and scraping and losing weeks of my life, we would just replace the boards with new ones! Yay…..less work for me!!!

So…… Enter resident chippy to do the job!


Myself as apprentice πŸ˜‰

And a few of the crew to lend a hand and rip those old boards off!

All in a days work the weatherboards were replaced.


Followed by a wee bit of paint, some serious weeding and clearing and a bit of verandah demolition!



I am really happy with how it is all looking, can’t wait to get stuck into the verandah area and get some plant love happening in those garden beds that I forgot we had!!!

More to come……


4 thoughts on “out we go….

  1. Looking great. Ur very lucky to have a handi person in the family!

  2. I’m in awe of all that you are achieving – lots of hard work but fantastic results – congratulations and keep up your lovely blogs πŸ˜€

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