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flower love

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There is plenty happening around here – the front verandah is pretty much finished. Right now I am painting the front door with some beautiful glossy blue paint!! That takes some time to dry, even though we have had these hot days, so while I waited I found another little project to do.

I bought some tin cans from ikea which were quite nice as they were but I decided to give the big one a little makeover anyway!!

To begin with I gave it a bit of a rough brush over with some white paint, really rough and barely any paint on the brush. Next I slopped a bit of crackle medium on it in a few spots here and there. A little blue paint (from the sample pot for the front door!) over the top and a few cracks begin to appear. I finished off with a little antiquing rub and a bit of a sand here and there………..

Very happy with the finished result!!

Keep an eye out for my new blue door! It’s coming soon and I just LOVE it!!!!!


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