Clare Kinsey

ensuite renovation


Our ensuite bathroom, as it was, kind of reminds me of a bathroom you might find in a caravan!! It was so pokey & dark….. Just awful!

See what I mean……

Even though it’s small, it is quite functional and for that reason there was no reason to move things around. This also saved money as the plumbing was able to remain in the same position. The only exception to this was that the new rain shower head comes from the ceiling rather than the wall. Best shower EVER!!!!!

The shower takes up one end of the room with a graded shower base and frameless shower screen so it all appears bigger. There was no need to change the window either. The room is made brighter by the use of big white tiles, lots of glass, and a big mirror above the vanity. The tiles on the walls aren’t flat, they have a bit of a wave to them which allows them to reflect light in ways you might not expect.

A floating vanity also gives the impression of more space.

The pebble feature tiles give it that lovely coastal feel that I just adore! So happy with the finished result.
Let me know what you think 🙂


5 thoughts on “ensuite renovation

  1. Looks amazing Clare! totally in awe of what you have done with your house!!! (and a little bit envious….just sayin’;p)

  2. Stunning Clare. You have so many talents! Love to catch up for a drink one of these days x

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