Clare Kinsey


7 vignettes

Well not a great deal happening on the home front at the moment with regards to the reno’s! I kind of decided that on the days that I wasn’t working I was going to have a bit of down time and do nothing and that is pretty much what I have done. Almost…….

You see I found a new obsession!! Instagram!!! I know it’s been around for ages but I’m just a bit slow. Mr uses it all the time and takes some amazing pictures but up until now I’ve never bothered. Now I am completely addicted!

This past week I have been taking part in a challenge by Jen Bishop from interiors addict called 7 vignettes in 7 days. Firstly I had to clarify what a vignette actually was because although I had an idea, I really didn’t, if you know what I mean. Turns out a vignette is a small collection of things…..

Each day there was a different topic and your picture was your interpretation of that topic. Pictures were posted on Instagram and tagged #7vignettes. There were over 2000 pictures posted in the 7 days and some were absolutely outstanding.

I had so much fun doing this and can’t wait for the next challenge in February. Here are my 7 days!!


Day 2 was tough because as you know there isn’t a whole lot of color going on in my house being the white loving girl I am! Luckily I had begun a painting for my daughter……

The picture frame was empty, awaiting a print, so I put one of my tops in there for a bit of color….pretty clever hey?


Day 5 I enjoyed the most! In these pictures are my very first shoes, my hand written hospital band, silver baby bracelet & my baby health record. How lucky am I to have all these precious things?

Day 6 I used our bedside tables, not just my pretty side but also the “man” side. My bedroom is my most favourite place.

There is another “photo a day” challenge I am doing too, but more about that on another day!

Thinking I might have to put an Instagram button on my blog…….. Just have to work out how!

Till next time 🙂