Clare Kinsey

meanwhile on my block…..


Oh my giddy aunt…… How HOT has it been??! Today I chased the shade so all my painting was done in relative comfort compared to the past few days! Painting in a Melbourne heat wave is not much fun but it has to be done……

The front fence is taking shape…..

Resident chippy and his apprentice worked hard through the heat with very pleasing results. Hope we can get it finished off next weekend. It was so hot but they just kept at it!

I painted the wood bits on the inside yesterday and it was lovely to hear the comments of those passing by who didn’t know I was there…… All positive which was lovely!

The apprentice didn’t stop with the fence either…… He painted! Probably more than he ever has in his life, under extreme conditions at dangerous heights!!!

Anyway, I’m done for the day….. I’m filthy and stinky! Heading to the shower so I can be a girl again!!!
Tradies here tomorrow to give me a hand, lots to do!!!


6 thoughts on “meanwhile on my block…..

  1. Clare, it’s looking wonderful. We have painted the exteriors of houses during record heat waves in the southern US … and it’s not for the meek! The only good thing is that the paint dries really fast! Your place is looking terrific! All the best, Terri

  2. I was so excited to finally find someone who gets as much paint on themselves as I do. LOL! You rock Clare! We have a tradition of burning the old painting clothes when the renovation is finished. It’s cathartic! ~Terri

  3. Looking great! We are working on subdividing our block so I can see a lot of fence painting in my near future! xx

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