Clare Kinsey

Almost finished!!!!


I wasn’t going to put anymore pictures up of the house until it was finished, and then I was going to use the professional photos to show you all the final result……


I can’t help myself!!!!! The garden is finally looking like a garden after years of looking like a tip! Steve took some lovely pictures today while we were hard at it and so I thought you might like a peek of our work in progress.

Just to remind you of what we started with down the side of the house……

The pebbles were delivered this morning. At first we thought…..”hope we have enough”!

Now after hours of moving them its more like “OMG we haven’t even got half way through!!!”

Bit of planting! I’m well hidden and absolutely filthy……

And the (almost) finished result!!!! What a difference….. It’s all looking so lovely. I can’t wait to show you the whole house finished.


6 thoughts on “Almost finished!!!!

  1. Wow fantastic….
    Look so clean and fresh.
    Are you putting it on the market after all your hard work ?
    Pen x

  2. Clare, It’s looking SO gorgeous! What an incredible transformation … you won’t want to leave! ~Terri

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