Clare Kinsey

our patch of dirt


Not one for wasting any time…… We have been on the lookout for property in Safety Beach for a little while now. We have looked at land as well as old houses we could pull down, old houses we could renovate, and newish houses we wouldn’t need to do anything to……

We have just found out that our offer has been accepted on a rather lovely patch of Safety Beach dirt just down the road from the beach!!

We are just a 5 minute walk away from the beach ……

A new adventure is about to begin…..

Now we start putting all the plans and dreams that we have had over the years together….. So excited to get started 🙂


9 thoughts on “our patch of dirt

  1. Your FOREVER HOUSE – what a beautiful place to grow old together….
    Pen xxx

  2. Is that the beach that used to be called Shark Bay?

  3. Congratulations again Claire, what exciting times you have ahead of you! So nice to hear about dreams coming true xo

  4. Huge CONGRATS Clare!! so glad to see your dreams being realised 😀

    looking forward to following your adventure!!

  5. Wow cool! Congrats! Such exciting times for you!

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