Clare Kinsey


moving day

After weeks of sorting, cleaning & packing….. moving day finally rolled around & the rain held off just long enough for us to get everything done. We had plenty of gale force winds though & Steve did a fabulous job of keeping the truck on the road despite Mother Nature trying her hardest to blow it off!!!

The whole thing went with a minimum of stress & we have settled very well into our temporary home (affectionately called the “mental rental”). Massive thanks to our helpers on the day. Will, Jess & Graeme ….. We could never have done it without you guys!

So how does it feel to call somewhere else home after 20+ years in the same house?! Well it’s a bit surreal to be honest. I can’t believe how lucky we are to live here, it is just beautiful and all our plans are falling into place…..
Saying goodbye to our old house was a bit sad. So many incredible memories shared with so many incredible people and a lifetime of child rearing completed as they have all left as adults. I am so grateful that my children have had the stability of this house their whole lives as this was something that was really important to me.

I am incredibly proud of the house looks as I close the door for the last time and forever grateful to everyone who helped us to achieve it. I hope the new family will be as happy as we have been.
We have a challenging year ahead ….. Paying rent & a mortgage, adjusting to a long commute to work & working whilst trying to build a house.

I know we can do it & this weekend the ball starts to really roll as we get our first look at the plans of the “forever house”. So excited!!!!! For Steve & I this really is the beginning of us & I couldn’t be happier.

Did I mention we are just a short stroll to the beach??? Looking forward to lots of visitors over the summer….



Almost move time!

Well hello there!

You might think that things have been a little quiet over here but I can assure you that they haven’t! We are waiting for our plans to be drawn up for the “forever house” and while we wait I have been busy practising my photography skills with a REAL camera which you can check out here if you like!

We are getting closer to settlement and I have been busy packing up a lot of the stuff that we don’t use all the time and putting it in boxes labelled “forever house” that will stay packed up until we move into our own place. I cant see the point in packing this sort of stuff up twice!

I am also happy to say that we have finally been able to organise a rental property that we will live in while we build!


It’s kinda cute don’t you think? Not exactly what we have been used to but it will be just perfect for us for the time being. It has heating, cooling and plenty of storage and the very best part of all is that it is in the next street from our land so we will be able to wander around there whenever we like AND will be close enough that we can’t use distance as an excuse for not getting the work done!!

We will move in a couple of weeks! Eeeeeek! I can’t believe after all this time it’s really about to happen…..