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still waiting …

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It is very nearly 12 months ago that we had our first meeting with Storybook on that cool drizzly June morning. Sadly we are still waiting to get started. We were told by so many people that it can take “forever” to get plans approved etc but I have to say I never really believed it! Until it became our reality!! Who would have thought it would take such long time to get an approval for our little house … So I have no progress to share with you except to say that I have everything crossed hoping that we will get the green light very very soon.

In the meantime we have just had the Queens Birthday long weekend and our sleepy little suburb got pretty busy for a few days… I love it!! It’s so nice to live somewhere that people choose to visit for holidays and to get away for a few days. I get to stay and really enjoy the peace long after they all go home!!
Photo 9-06-2014 2 04 48 pm
I took this snap on my walk to the supermarket on Monday … I love this walk.

Even though we haven’t started building yet, I have been putting together ideas for our house and purchasing lots of bits and pieces that are all safely stored away just waiting to be installed! Most recently I purchased the light fittings for above the kitchen island bench …
And … a couple of pendant lights for our bedroom!
The inspiration for the bedroom has come from this image …
Obviously our bedroom won’t be as big as this but this gives a bit of an idea of the materials we will use and the over all look we are going for. You can find more inspiration on my Pinterest board if you are interested in having a look.

Anyway cross all your fingers p l e a s e and hopefully we will have an approval in the next few weeks 😉


One thought on “still waiting …

  1. fingers are crossed and have been for the last 12 months for you Clare, hope they get their backsides in to gear shortly xo

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