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Getting just a little bit excited now!! We have a conditional approval which means that we MUST be close to a green light now!!!

This week I have had a couple of unexpected days of annual leave due to it being very quiet at work which turned out to be a good opportunity to go spend some money!!

I have purchased all of our floor tiles for the downstairs as the tiles we loved were on special so we have ended up saving about $3000!! That is money that can go toward something else! (Cushions! lol)


We have chosen a tile that looks along the lines of concrete. Deciding what to put on the floor has been no easy task. I always thought I would have timber floors but the cost for the type of timber I like is very high (you know the saying – champagne taste, beer budget!) After living at the beach for nearly a year now I also have discovered that I must take into account SAND!! I have no idea how so much of it gets inside but somehow it does and I don’t want to be driving myself nuts worrying about our beautiful floors being scratched or damaged. I want to be able to relax and enjoy our beautiful home so anything high maintenance is right off the agenda! The upstairs space is much smaller so we will use timber on the floors up there.

We also considered concrete but because of the zone we are in we have to be over 600mm from the ground level, concrete was just not going to be practical and from what I have read it comes with its own headaches anyway!

I’ve also picked up our concrete pendant lights today for beside our bed. They look lovely and I can imagine they will look even better as they age.

That’s it for now … I hope to have more news very soon!


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