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subway or mosaic

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Yesterday we had a meeting with a landscape planner on our block in order that he can put together a plan for council so we get another step closer to approval… Did you know that the council even tell you what type of plants you are to have in your garden??!! Hmmmm Anyway … We also discovered that they want us to have a couple of steps down from our house to our back deck. We have 2 sets of big bi-fold doors off the back of our house and in my opinion it will look like rubbish to have steps down to the deck. We have complied with all of their requirements so far with no fuss but this one I think I am going to kick up about …. so we might be waiting even longer!!

Forgetting about the frustration for a moment, it is time to start thinking about the bathroom tiles. When ordering the floor tiles for the whole house the other day it came to my attention that in some instances you have to wait up to 16 weeks for specific tiles so I think it might be a good idea to get them sorted so we don’t end up being held up.

My vision is to have predominantly white wall tiles, a medium size with probably a little movement in them rather than flat. Something like the tiles we used in the house we renovated. We are planning to have a feature wall of blue tiles and I have been torn between having aqua/blue subway tiles or mosaic tiles. Keeping in mind we will only be having one wall done. This will keep costs down and create interest without being too over bearing.

I love the vintage feel of the subway tiles which i think will fit in very well with the overall styling of our house even though it is a modern home.



I also love the variety of colours of the mosaic and feel like it gives a real artisan coastal feel to it as well as bringing a little bit of vintage public pool into the mix.


The double vanity I have shown before but here it is again! I love the simplicity of it!

The bathroom itself is very large and spacious. The shower is a large rainfall shower with a glass screen and no door. A BIG bath that I just can’t wait to try out will be the main focal point. For storage I would like to find a vintage cabinet or something along those lines just to blend a bit of the old & new.

I think that’s about it! All images have been taken from my Pinterest board. Pretty sure I will go with the mosaic tiles… Right now though I had better get on with my day. We have a few friends and family coming to visit us this evening at the “mental rental” so we need to get firewood sorted and some munchies!
Feel free to comment with your thoughts and any other wonderful ideas you might have for me! Have a great weekend 😉


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