Clare Kinsey

our first week


You asked for regular updates and so here I am at the end of our first week having had a bit of development since the last post….

I will try and not bombard you all with bucket loads of pictures on Facebook and confine them to here especially right now as to be honest they aren’t really very interesting …. more a documentation of our progress so far. I promise we will get a little more creative as the weeks go on.

So here is this weeks instalment! To re-cap, at the end of last week we got the temporary fencing put up and over the weekend we had the rear fence replaced which looks great. Late on Monday we had the block slashed so that first thing on Tuesday the carpenter could come in and set the house out with the concretor booked to arrive the next day to prepare the slab.

fenceI can’t believe how quickly they got it all set up! The toilet was set up along with the power pole which will be connected soon. In the meantime our gorgeous neighbours have helped us out with some power! In case I haven’t mentioned it before – we are so lucky to have such fantastic neighbours that have really made us feel so welcome !!

slabAnd before we knew it…. We had a garage slab!!

finishedslabOur floor level had to be quite high in my opinion to get passed through council and Melb water and when I first saw them setting it up I thought it was all going to look a bit ridiculous…. I still think we have been forced to go to an unnecessary height but now that it is done I think it looks OK. Regardless, we have had no say in it so we just have to make the best of it.

So thats it for this week. I doubt we will see much happen next week while we wait for the concrete to do whatever it has to do. Think I might go stand on it tomorrow 😉




2 thoughts on “our first week

  1. Is your house going on stumps Clare. Council & other bodies rule as you say, but I agree with you the garage slab is high & that’s why I’m asking re. stumps.

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