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upper floor

Despite the huge amount of rain we had our super tradies kept on working and suddenly we had a second storey! It looks sooooo big from outside on the ground but the upstairs rooms seem small… but I know once the sheeting is done it will all change again. The images below are the view from the front and the back. SJA_1084 SJA_1080-EditSJA_1082I am really enjoying watching it grow!

*photo credit Steve Armstrong*


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rain rain go away …

We have had a wonderful weekend here with loads of sunshine and family and friends calling in to visit. It has been great fun to take them round the corner to “the shed” and walk them through it, especially my kids! I think it is all looking real for them now and they seem to be quite excited by it. They have their own lives these days and are busy so I think that up until now they haven’t really had their heads around it.

Today the weather has turned with lots of heavy rain at times and thunder … I am still hearing the boys working away regardless. Hopefully it clears soon and the rest of the week is fine. I know they are wanting to get everything ready for the trusses this week. I also need to find out when the weatherboards are being delivered so I can get them painted before they go up because I have no idea how else I am going to paint them up on the second floor. Maybe I will have to hire a painter to do that!!! Those of you who know me will know that I DO NOT want to do that if I can avoid it … I am very very particular about my painting!!

Anyway thats all for now…. Image below taken on our beach ❤



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we have walls…

What a difference a week makes!

It has been so awesome to watch our little house (affectionately known as “the shed”)  grow this week. I can’t believe how much they have got done. Walking through now it is all starting to make sense. For me it is anyway but I think maybe Steve is still finding it a bit hard to see it. It is going to be such a cute little house!!


Before our eyes it grew … Our carpenter Graham and his team have worked like you wouldn’t believe this week putting in very long hours. We are so grateful to have them helping us!

threeThe view from the back…fourThe view from the front door looking to the back.

Cant wait to see what happens next week! Apparently the roof trusses are arriving …

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We have had a bit of action on the block this past week…

The set out has been finalised and all the stump holes were marked with yellow steaks in the ground and blue painted crosses… Looked like a lot of Swedish flags!setout

Then the stump holes were dug and the whole block just looked like a pile of dirt from the street.

dirtBefore we knew it the stumps were in and the subfloor had started construction and today we finally have power!subfloorprogress

Now I am waiting on the termite spray to be done and then the subfloor can be finished and we will be ready for framing.

At first when I saw it all laid out I thought the size of the rooms looked so small but to be honest I think that we have been waiting so long and during that time the image in our minds of what it is all going to look like has become rather large!! Now that I have had the chance to get my head around it all I can see it is going to be just fine. It was never going to be a huge house for the two of us anyway and what we are building is just perfect for what we need and within our budget – the whole idea is to reduce debt and live simply.subfloorI am loving it already ❤