Clare Kinsey

rain rain go away …

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We have had a wonderful weekend here with loads of sunshine and family and friends calling in to visit. It has been great fun to take them round the corner to “the shed” and walk them through it, especially my kids! I think it is all looking real for them now and they seem to be quite excited by it. They have their own lives these days and are busy so I think that up until now they haven’t really had their heads around it.

Today the weather has turned with lots of heavy rain at times and thunder … I am still hearing the boys working away regardless. Hopefully it clears soon and the rest of the week is fine. I know they are wanting to get everything ready for the trusses this week. I also need to find out when the weatherboards are being delivered so I can get them painted before they go up because I have no idea how else I am going to paint them up on the second floor. Maybe I will have to hire a painter to do that!!! Those of you who know me will know that I DO NOT want to do that if I can avoid it … I am very very particular about my painting!!

Anyway thats all for now…. Image below taken on our beach ❤




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