Clare Kinsey

almost at lock up


Things have moved along quite quickly I am very happy to say.

We have some of the plumbing in and water to the block. Our chippy and his team have done an amazing job on the house frame, putting in the windows and some doors etc and some of the outside cladding. Weatherboards have all had a paint job and now just need a touch up and the roof is on.

The rest of the cladding will be done after Christmas now and in the meantime I am going to get stuck into doing as much of the outside painting as I can. I still think I will need to get a painter in to do the higher areas which is a bit of a bummer!

Early January we will have the wiring done, insulation, and make a start on getting the plaster sheets up….

So I am very pleased to be able to show you our progress so far…. Its all looking pretty amazing I reckon.

*photo credit to Steve*



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7 thoughts on “almost at lock up

  1. Oh, Wow Clare….it is moving along so quickly and it looks very interesting. You will be in & living there before you know it. Steve takes good photo’s of houses like you do babies….lol x

  2. It’s looking amazing Clare and Steve, the dream is appearing before our eyes 💞

  3. I’m so glad I came across your blog! I hope snow isn’t an issue where you are building. The layout looks amazing. I cant wait to see how it comes along.

  4. Seems to be going very quickly!
    Looks huge…and gorgeous

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