Clare Kinsey

16 weeks


Finding time to blog some pictures has been a bit tricky as we have been very very busy as you will see. We have a few things to finish off and then we will be starting the floors downstairs. Its really coming together now and has a great feel to it.

Photo credit to Steve 

SJA_1365 SJA_1423


SJA_1370 SJA_1376

SJA_1430 SJA_1418

SJA_1395 SJA_1392

SJA_1381 SJA_1389




2 thoughts on “16 weeks

  1. Hi Clare, house is looking awesome… The timber panelling is a great idea, the mix of textures on the walls really helps to break things up – looking very sophisticated. I’d love to re-post a few of your pics on the Storybook website and include a link back to your blog if you’d like – people would love to see what can be done if you put your mind to it… Great Job… Cheers . Nathan – Storybook Designer Homes..

    • Hi Nathan, that would be lovely! We have had a very positive experience and more than happy to share about it. I would love to blog more but have been too busy with the build! Have learnt so much and loved every minute!!

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