Clare Kinsey


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Busy weekend at #theshed and a busy week ahead… I will try and post a little more often now that the changes that occur are a little more obvious but that will mean using good old iPhone pics rather than the real thing πŸ˜‰

Last week all the tile underlay was put down and nailed with the gun but to be sure we had all the nails flush, we have had to check each one and then bang it in. Not a very pleasant job! Anyway it’s done now thanks to Richo & Steve. I did a little area but just not as effective as the fellas! We have chosen to use tiles downstairs as we are close to the beach and it will make dealing with sandy feet easy with little to no damage to the flooring.
We also got a heap of painting done so almost all of downstairs has had its prep coat!

Today Steve was on site early to let the gas company have access to get us hooked up which is a big relief because it initially looked like that might hold us up a bit.


Our goal this week is to get the tiling down – at least as much as we can so that we can get the kitchen cabinets built!!

It’s really moving quickly now with changes all the time!


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