Clare Kinsey



I think it’s been a hard week this week … For me anyway. There just seems to have been a lot of “side steps” and mess and not much in the way of progress. Richo & I have been very busy though and although it may not look like much has changed this week we are all set now for lots of changes next week. I think also when things feel a little messy around me my stress levels go up which makes me feel worse.

Lucky for me though I had my “A team” on hand helping this weekend with my big list of jobs that needed doing and everything got done!!

My mum and dad even got stuck into the yard and did a massive tidy up so now it almost looks like a proper house!



Steve got stuck into the kitchen cabinets and they are just about all done now. It looks so lovely. I will be able to get the stone people in to measure up this week now!


Next week will be HUGE! The garage door will be fitted, kitchen finished off, and we will make a good start on the bathroom. Maybe even lay the timber floors upstairs! I will have to juggle it in around work this week which will be tricky.
Anyway… We have finished the week really well … And that is definite PROGRESS!!


2 thoughts on “progress…

  1. HI there, we are about to design a home with SB. I’d love to see your floor plan and what builder did you use, as we are in your neck of the woods as well. (Mt Eliza) – thank you ….
    PS: your house is stunning

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