Clare Kinsey

we are IN!! 


You have probably guessed by now that we have moved in to the “shed” and we just couldn’t be happier!! We still have a long way to go before we are totally finished but it is more than livable for now. 

It has been fun unpacking boxes that have been in storage for almost 2 years and rediscovering some treasures. We don’t have a great amount of storage prepared as yet so the garage is full of everything except cars! We can’t get our cars in there yet anyway until we do the drive way so it’s no biggie. 

So our plan over the coming months is to finish off a room at a time – as far as the budget will allow! We are starting with the guest bedroom (Daisys bedroom for now). The pictures below are taken from each corner of the room and the queen size blow up bed just gives you an idea of the size – surprisingly spacious I think!  

      Today Charlie has fitted the cupboards that Steve & his dad put together last weekend (gotta love ikea!) and I am really pleased with them! Now I need to get in and finish the painting etc and then we will have this room ticked off! 
I will post more pics when it is done and Daisy has her furniture in there! It’s going to be such a lovely room ❤️


11 thoughts on “we are IN!! 

  1. Wow ! Does look beautiful Claire and so big. Daisy will have a ball in there . Enjoy your lovely new home you’ve worked so bloody hard for and done an amazing job xx

  2. Hello Clare, are the floors recycled or can I purchase?

    • Hi Carolyn, the upstairs flooring is from Royal Oak Flooring and has also been used to create some cabinetry & feature walls. Lots of different colors & styles to choose from!

  3. Ah yes, very nice, I follow a Royal Oak flooring on Instagram. Just gathering inspo for my future Storybook Home. Thank you

  4. Hi Clare,

    Just thought I’d touch base to ask some questions if you don’t mind. We have finally started our Storybook home “Redgum Manor” and I would love it if you would kindly share which floorboards you went with ? Also, why did you choose timber panels for your cathedral ceiling rather than an MDF like “Easy Craft”. We are currently looking into all this stuff and thought it would help to get a veteran’s opinion on all this 🙂

    Cheers, Suzan


    • Hi there, Thanks for your message and I am very happy to answer your questions. I used Royal Oak flooring, “Antique Mink Grey” because I just loved the look of them and couldn’t find anything that even came close. They were a bit on the pricey side of the budget but we were only using them upstairs and for some feature points downstairs… I figured it was worth the cost. For the ceiling in the living room and up the stair wall I used old fashioned tounge and groove pine lining boards. When I looked into using the panels I realised I would have had to have joins in them and I wanted it to be free of joins. Also the panels worked out to be a lot more expensive. I also wanted the look to be authentic and have a bit of a quirkiness about it. It was labour intensive I guess but as I was the labour I didn’t mind so much and the finished result is just what I was after.
      Good luck with your build!! 😉

  5. Hey Clare – Tristan from Storybook. We’d love to see some more photo’s! You’ve done an amazing job 🙂

  6. Been following your journey Clare,love, love, love your Storybook home!! But would you be able to tell me the house you sold before your Storybook home the outside and inside dulux colour schemes? So liked your choice of colours and that blue door colour!

    • Hi Jo-Anne… I think the weather board color is dulux sandy day and the trim color is natural white. Gosh that is testing my memory! The blue door there is a post on and the color is deluxe days (dulux). I love that color so much I am about to paint the new front door with it!
      Good luck with your painting! 😉

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