Clare Kinsey


first look

Last weekend we got our first look at our “forever house” and I am absolutely thrilled to bits with it. The team at Storybook Designer Homes have designed a house specifically for us using our wish list as their guide. I am so pleased with it and can already imagine living in it!! They pretty much got it spot on with only a few changes needed.
You can see more detail of our house on their blog. Click here and check it out!

Absolutely loving the life here…. This pier is across the road from the supermarket. I got a bit side tracked on my way to do the shopping….



Almost finished!!!!

I wasn’t going to put anymore pictures up of the house until it was finished, and then I was going to use the professional photos to show you all the final result……


I can’t help myself!!!!! The garden is finally looking like a garden after years of looking like a tip! Steve took some lovely pictures today while we were hard at it and so I thought you might like a peek of our work in progress.

Just to remind you of what we started with down the side of the house……

The pebbles were delivered this morning. At first we thought…..”hope we have enough”!

Now after hours of moving them its more like “OMG we haven’t even got half way through!!!”

Bit of planting! I’m well hidden and absolutely filthy……

And the (almost) finished result!!!! What a difference….. It’s all looking so lovely. I can’t wait to show you the whole house finished.


garden makeover

It’s just over a week now since Daisy left for New York and I am feeling sooooooo much better. I have spoken to her a few times and she has settled in well and is enjoying herself. She is going to have such an amazing year. The time difference has taken a little getting used to, she text me at 2:30am the other day before realising I would be in bed! I didn’t mind……

In preparation for selling the house, I have packed up all her things into boxes ready to go to storage. It was a little sad & exciting at the same time. Daisy has lived here her whole life. It will feel very strange to come back to an entirely different house I’m sure!! It feels weird to me to be on the move after such a long time but I’m very excited about it too!

With her things all packed up, I have been able to clean her room and get it ready. I’m very happy with it. It’s such a lovely bright room….

I’ve also been creating a little artwork to fill in some spaces in the house. These have gone into my room.

And this little one has gone into Daisy’s old bedroom. So much fun to do! I love making things like this….. It’s very relaxing and once the house has sold and life has settled down I intend to do a lot more of it!!!
This week has also seen the front yard really take shape. Steve has worked very hard at it and should be very pleased with himself.

The turf was delivered literally at the crack of dawn by a massive truck. At least that’s what they tell me….. I was in bed! 😉

Very quickly the yard became a garden and finally……..

Tadaaaaaa!!!! Of course now we are trying our best to keep it alive after a few very hot and dry days. So far so good! Also we have had Caitlin here this week planting the garden beds…..looking very good with some pictures to come.
I had a property stylist come out to see me today. I think we are pretty much on track with that sort if thing but I did want to hire some furniture for the front lounge and to fill in a few gaps here and there. I don’t want to go buying furniture now especially as we are hoping to go to a smaller home. Anyway she had a few helpful ideas and I look forward to seeing her furniture selection!
Lots to do….. Only a couple of more weeks left until we hand the house over to the agent for auction!!! Eeeeeeeeek!!!!


out we go….

With the weather improving (ever so slightly), tools have been put down inside for awhile and we have started on the outside. Such a massive job, where to begin!!!!?

Well for starters the garden is completely overgrown with weeds and renovation junk which all needs to be cleared and the weatherboards on this side of the house need some serious attention. The decision was made that rather than sanding and scraping and losing weeks of my life, we would just replace the boards with new ones! Yay…..less work for me!!!

So…… Enter resident chippy to do the job!


Myself as apprentice 😉

And a few of the crew to lend a hand and rip those old boards off!

All in a days work the weatherboards were replaced.


Followed by a wee bit of paint, some serious weeding and clearing and a bit of verandah demolition!



I am really happy with how it is all looking, can’t wait to get stuck into the verandah area and get some plant love happening in those garden beds that I forgot we had!!!

More to come……