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sage + clare appreciation post …

The sun is shining down on me right now with a number of things falling into place! Quite some time ago I found THE perfect cupboard to add to our bathroom at #theshed but I needed to wait until things were in place so I could properly measure the space and make sure it fit! Well that’s what we did this week. My gorgeous girl Jess came down to help me for a couple of days and amongst other jobs, we measured it and decided it would fit… To be honest if it didn’t I had a back up plan – I loved it so much! And to really seal the deal it was on sale with free delivery!!!
So I purchased it online from sage + clare AND they delivered it to me today – yep that’s right!! Today! SATURDAY!! Not a courier – they delivered it themselves!
This is not a sponsored post by any means but you know I just love when people love what they do and have such a passion for their business that it shines through in every aspect! Phoebe & Chris have been an absolute pleasure to deal with! So … I highly recommend that you hop over to their website and have a look. You won’t be disappointed! Click here to be taken straight to the website!!
I still have a little to do before I show you where this gorgeous piece will live so I won’t show you right now but here is an image off my Pinterest.

IMG_8245Isn’t it lovely?! Perfectly quirky and vintage to fit my beautiful bathroom. Can’t wait to show you a little more….



7 vignettes

Well not a great deal happening on the home front at the moment with regards to the reno’s! I kind of decided that on the days that I wasn’t working I was going to have a bit of down time and do nothing and that is pretty much what I have done. Almost…….

You see I found a new obsession!! Instagram!!! I know it’s been around for ages but I’m just a bit slow. Mr uses it all the time and takes some amazing pictures but up until now I’ve never bothered. Now I am completely addicted!

This past week I have been taking part in a challenge by Jen Bishop from interiors addict called 7 vignettes in 7 days. Firstly I had to clarify what a vignette actually was because although I had an idea, I really didn’t, if you know what I mean. Turns out a vignette is a small collection of things…..

Each day there was a different topic and your picture was your interpretation of that topic. Pictures were posted on Instagram and tagged #7vignettes. There were over 2000 pictures posted in the 7 days and some were absolutely outstanding.

I had so much fun doing this and can’t wait for the next challenge in February. Here are my 7 days!!


Day 2 was tough because as you know there isn’t a whole lot of color going on in my house being the white loving girl I am! Luckily I had begun a painting for my daughter……

The picture frame was empty, awaiting a print, so I put one of my tops in there for a bit of color….pretty clever hey?


Day 5 I enjoyed the most! In these pictures are my very first shoes, my hand written hospital band, silver baby bracelet & my baby health record. How lucky am I to have all these precious things?

Day 6 I used our bedside tables, not just my pretty side but also the “man” side. My bedroom is my most favourite place.

There is another “photo a day” challenge I am doing too, but more about that on another day!

Thinking I might have to put an Instagram button on my blog…….. Just have to work out how!

Till next time 🙂

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flower love

There is plenty happening around here – the front verandah is pretty much finished. Right now I am painting the front door with some beautiful glossy blue paint!! That takes some time to dry, even though we have had these hot days, so while I waited I found another little project to do.

I bought some tin cans from ikea which were quite nice as they were but I decided to give the big one a little makeover anyway!!

To begin with I gave it a bit of a rough brush over with some white paint, really rough and barely any paint on the brush. Next I slopped a bit of crackle medium on it in a few spots here and there. A little blue paint (from the sample pot for the front door!) over the top and a few cracks begin to appear. I finished off with a little antiquing rub and a bit of a sand here and there………..

Very happy with the finished result!!

Keep an eye out for my new blue door! It’s coming soon and I just LOVE it!!!!!

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sammy’s style


I swear this year has gone faster than ever before, even my kids have said the same…..

We celebrated my family Christmas early this year because it wasn’t going to be possible for us all to be together on Christmas day. So… we trot to my brother’s house for a bit of Christmas cheer!

Tim & Sammy live in an average little house in the burbs but step inside and it’s like a little bit of Paris. I wanted to share just a few little bits of it.

Sammy’s style is French vintage shabby chic with a bit of bling, and she does it soooooo well!!

She has some lovely vintage pieces. I especially loved the meat safe.

And here she is!

We all had a lovely day……. Thank you Tim & Sammy! It was “tres bon”!


vintage beauty

I’ve been busy working on my house with more posts on that to come, but today I want to share with you a beautiful little beach cottage that is for sale in McCrae. It is just gorgeous and sure did give me an extreme case of house envy!! I’m guessing that there has been a lot of interest in it as it was originally “for sale” and is now going to auction. If you want the details, click on the link HERE which will take you directly to the listing.


This house has been styled to perfection!! I just love it, so beachy & vintage and relaxed!!!


I absolutely love the light fitting in the living room which has been up-cycled from an old cray net (I think that’s what they are called!) I also love the fireplace which looks to me like it might be concrete that has been brushed. Brilliant!



Check out the vintage light fittings in the dining area and the gorgeous limed floorboards. Fabulous french doors open out to a great deck and let in loads of natural light.


A galley style kitchen with open shelving has my little heart pounding. I love open shelving in the kitchen and in this kitchen I think the doors at the end are perfect. They just invite you out to the garden, if you can get past that little seat without making yourself too comfy!!



The bathroom is a winner. I could spend hours in there just looking at the shower. How cool is the shower base? They have really done this well.


This house has captured my heart. An awful lot of thought has been put into the presentation and I am guessing that many many hours of searching for all of those unique vintage pieces has kept the owners busy. I could see myself living there quite happily for the rest of my days……. Plenty of room for a vege patch AND it comes with what I am told is the essential mancave!!

Perfect 😉